A Breaking Heart

The heat burns my face, my vision is blurred with graduating moisture
The tears spill over, slowly making a path down my fiery cheeks
The overflow seeps through my nose, the anguish burning in my throat

When will the tearing of my heart cease, and the wounds be allowed time to heal?
All the different injuries continue to haunt me, and with a blade are made wounds again

My body has become accustomed to the pain, but it continues to plague me as it throbs

How many times can a heart be mended? No amount of healing can fix a fractured soul

Death seems easier than this continued torture, but life being so precious, I can’t trade it

It feels as though my body is numb, but the numbness doesn’t stop the pain
It circulates through my veins, spreading through my body

Giving me no escape

There is a different pain for each heartbreak, an individual scar for each tragedy
The only hope I can seek comfort in, is that the pain will be dulled with time


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