Fear Of Death

Oh the pain! All I felt was the pain! It was like fire, burning up my body as well as my courage. With every step I took, I grew worse thousand fold. I knew that I could not escape yet I ran on. It felt like an eternity until I spotted the opening of my home street. But I knew that it would be too far away to survive. I had an option to either lie down and die peacefully or keep running pointlessly. I had a choice but like robot being fueled by determination, I ran on bravely but foolishly.

When I reached the opening of my street, I thought I saw a glimpse of Death itself. How horrible it looked. Almost too revolting to describe with mere words. Wrapped in a cloak of darkness, it glided beside me, grinning into my eyes with pitiless eye-sockets. I thought that I was seeing hallucinations of my fear but how wrong I was. I was meeting Death and I had no one there to soothe me of my terrible pain. Turning away from Death, I tried avoiding my ugly fate.

"Death stands no chance against my determination and courage", I said aloud so that I could hear myself clearly. I tried hiding my trembles that were embedded in my sentence with my loud and proud voice but I failed predictably.

Behind me I heard a high pitched shriek of pure anger. It was Death. " You arrogant mortal! I am Death and no one can escape from me but those who are not living! After your foolish words, I will make sure that you make it to the pits of Hell!"

Almost having my very knees buckle with terror, I stumbled past a pole with lightning speed. My home was just around the corner and surely, I could make it before I was taken?

"Don't even think about outrunning me, mortal!" cackled Death, " I can travel faster than the speed of light!"

He's fooling around with me! I thought angrily. " Well, if you are so fast, prove it to me by travelling to the edge of the universe and back before I reach my home, you foul creature! May GOD himself wrench your dark heart out!"

My words gave me lasting courage and boosted my legs greatly. My fear was masked by my anger and determination to get home. Grunting, Death took off with great speed. I was filled with overwhelming joy and I somehow knew that I would make it to my sanctuary safe and sound.

Spoke too soon! I thought with horror. Death was waiting patiently at my house with gleaming eyes! Begging for another chance, I cried out. But I knew it was too late when I saw Death reach out with his disgusting claws and grab my face. I had no choice but to let go of my beloved life and pass into the dark, dark void.


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