Everything that got us to where we are,
Had the capability to tear us both apart.
Nothing, but the love and support you so willingly provided,
Would have eased the pain he, so heartlessly, caused.

Your face, more beautiful than a crystal sculpture;
Your voice, sweeter than a roses’ scent;
Your words, more gentle than a spring breeze:
I fall deeper in love with you as each day passes.

Finally, I am complete;
Everything I’ve searched for, I finally have.
Yet I still long –
To be in your arms,
Feeling safe, and loved,
And like I belong;
Even for the tiniest moment.

Your smile, more beautiful than the brightest star in the night sky;
Your dreams, sweeter than ones’ first kiss;
Your eyes, more gentle than a mothers’ lullaby to her newborn:
I fall deeper in love with you as each day passes.

All that I have become;
All that I have changed from, my everything,
Is a result of your love for me...
All that I am belongs to you.

You have a gentle soul;
So pure, so beautiful.
Your eyes describe you in one word:

Now, forever and always;
I love you.


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