A Blink Of An Eye

I wish she would just go away. I wish that she would just disappear in a blink of an eye. But guess what? She didn’t. As I turned the dreadful corner, there she was waiting for me with her gang of wannabes. “Hey Einstein.” Cathy sneered. Cathy is the Year 6 bully. She always calls me Einstein even though my names Jenny. It’s because I’m not smart at all. I try to push past her. She grabs my shoulder as I pass. “In a rush” she hisses, flashing me her winning smile. I suddenly felt unbelievably brave. “Leave me alone you fat old bully”. I sneer back at her. Cathy looks shocked then smiles at me. “Oh I see. Got to get back to your umm special sister.” I tense up. She was talking about my disabled sister Alice. “Oh no she didn’t.” I mutter and take a threatening step toward her. “You leave me and my sister alone.” I focus on one of the girls behind her. She suddenly is lifted several feet in the air. She screams and I drop her back to the ground. Cathy screams and sprints as fast and as far away from me as she can. I smile. I have a feeling that she won’t be coming back any time soon. Even if she tells no-one will believe her. I look at my hands and a tiny electric spark comes out. Right now my powers only work at times when I’m angry but eventually I will probably be able to use them whenever I want. Imagine what that will be like. I continue my walk home. I guess it is pretty funny how Cathy did end up disappearing in a blink of an eye.


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