Landmines are every where
They come in different shapes and sizes
Some designed to harm
While some are designed to kill
No can afford to pay the bills

Why should I be suffering while I’m just innocent?
I have done nothing wrong
I have fear in my mind everywhere I go

I want to have fun but now I can’t run
I have to worry and suffer
Instead of living like a normal kid
I have to live like an adult

People say they will stop but lie
All they care about is the money
Look in my eye you will see there is nothing funny

I live everyday like my last
Dreams means nothing to me
Fear is in my head all the time
If I survive today, I have to worry about tomorrow
Is it me or am I mental?

What can we do to stop this?
Call 000
Yeah right

You have the power to stop this disaster
You can set things straight
Get involved in great causes
It’s never too late to make a difference
Be my hero
Bring the number down to zero
Yes it possible to have a mine-free world
Can I have I normal dream
Yes I can
Can we have a mine-free world?
I say
Yes we can!!!!!!!

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