War Is Not A Game

'Your country needs you', the headlines screamed
Yes, we will go, the young men agreed.
Some sought adventure, and some sought fame
But to most it was just a game.

They went in their thousands, on the beaches they would land
With a pack on their back and a gun in their hand.

As they lay in their trenches, all covered in mud
Their thoughts would turn to home, and the ones that they loved.

As the machine guns rattled, and the shells would explode
The shout would go up "Right men, let's go".

They fought with honour, they fought on with no fear
The Aussies became known as the Anzacs that year.

They dreamed of the day, when home they would go
With the mates they had made, and the others they didn't know.
For there was no adventure, there was no fame
And the war was definitely not a game.