Once upon a time
I opened up a book
Suddenly I was hurled away
I only wanted to look

Now I find myself lost
In a fairytale land
There is Rapunzel
With hair of golden sand

But something isn’t right
Everything’s mixed up
A pumpkin riding Cinderella
And Alice smaller than a cup

Sleeping Beauty wakes up alone
Her prince nowhere around
Jack is climbing the beanstalk
With no giants to be found

Ali Baba killed by the thieves
Odette is still a swan
Both princess and prince are frogs
For them the sun never shone

I don’t like these stories
Nothing is correct
Fairytales are happy
These are all completely wrecked

Suddenly I awake
From a horrid dream
Thank goodness for that I say
Wasn’t that extreme?

I’m so relieved to be back
I was feeling off the rails
But I’m home which now feels like
A pleasant fairytale


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