Dad & Mum's Adventure

Dad & Mum’s Adventure

By Bryn Hider

Last night when I was fast asleep my parents had another fantastic adventurer.

It happened like this….. Mum and Dad had just said good night to my sister and I, and we went to sleep as usual. Then they said they heard a loud BANG!
Dad said, “I wonder what that noise was?” Then he ran as fast as his bare feet could carry him (because he had no shoes on). He realised that a car had crashed into a pole and ended up right in front of our driveway. Dad said he saw three teenagers running down our street. Mum went and rang the police.

A couple of minutes later, there were five police cars. One had two big ferocious scary dogs. The police helicopter also flew over our house. They found out that the car had been stolen.

Dad got asked a lot of questions, hard and easy ones about what happened. He described the teenagers he saw to the police. Dad said, “One had black spiky hair, and a red t-shirt and blue paints, and a pair of orange and purple runners. The others looked like twins because they wore the same clothes and had the same short black hair, yellow t-shirts with a picture of a baseball on the front, and humungous orange boots”.

The police finally found the teenagers nearby. They asked dad to identify them, so he got to ride in the police car. I was so jealous of him. He said, “He felt like Frenzy” that is a deception in the transformers movie, and wanted to play with all the buttons in the police car.

The police took the teenagers to the police station. They were going to get into big trouble and maybe even go to jail!

Mum had to guard the stolen car, and our dog Meg was protecting my sister and I inside the house. A tow truck took the car away, and the police said they were going to check it for finger prints.

The funny thing was I slept right through it all!

I wonder what tomorrow nights adventure for mum and dad will be? Maybe dad might get a ride in a big red fire truck!