Hansel And Gretel-modern Times

In a large house in the middle of the city lived two children, Hansel and Gretel. Their parents were poor, due to the global financial crisis and they couldn’t afford to keep their children. They sat together and talked it over. Finally they decided to take the kids into the shopping centre and abandon them there where they would get lost, (because shopping centres are getting so big these days.)
“Hansel, Gretel. We’re going shopping,” declared their mother.
“Go away, we’re busy!” snapped Hansel, pummelling his Xbox controller.
“Mmmmm,” agreed Gretel, through a mouthful of chips.
The mother edited the plan.
“We’ll go to McDonalds on the way back.”
They perked up instantly.

The two bratty children were trotting beside their mother.
“I’m bored.” whined Gretel.
“I’m boreder,” moaned Hansel.
“Not a word!” snapped Gretel.
Their mother took the opportunity to leave.
Gretel’s eyes grew wide.
“Mummy?” she squeaked. “Where is she?”
“I don’t know!” Hansel said, his voice shaking.
Gretel began to cry.

They searched the shopping centre for an hour.
“How BIG is this place?” said Hansel.
“I haven’t found an exit,” answered Gretel nervously.
“Me neither.” muttered Hansel, equally nervous.
Gretel’s face suddenly lit up.
In front of them was the biggest junk food store they had seen in their lives.
The 2 little pigs at once burst into the shop.
They looked around and stopped.
“Where’s the shopkeeper?” Gretel asked.
Hansel shrugged.
Gretel looked wistfully over at the food.
Hansel grinned at her.
“No one will know if we take a bit.”
The two greedy children began to eat.

Meanwhile, the old lady who owned the shop tried the door and saw she’d left it open.
She walked into the room to see two children eating her precious lollies.
She let out an angry yell.
“Uh oh.” said Gretel.
“Ooops.” Hansel was freaking.
The lady marched towards them angrily.
“What are you doing here?” she roared.
They didn’t answer.
“You’ve eaten through half my store! You will pay me back all the money you’ve cost me.”
The children gulped, knowing they had no money.
“We can’t.” Hansel whimpered.
The woman snarled.
“Where are your parents?” she asked savagely.
“They left.” Gretel choked.
“Could they pay me back?” asked the lady.
“Have no money.” squeaked Gretel.
An evil plan suddenly formed inside the old lady’s mind.
“Where do your parents live?” she asked wickedly.
They looked at each other in dismay.
“Don’t know.” Hansel mumbled.
The woman rolled her eyes.
“What’s their phone number?”
“Oooooh! I know!” said Gretel excitedly, and being very stupid children, they gave the woman their phone number.
The woman pushed the children into a cupboard and locked the door.
“Your parents will have to choose between their children or their money!”
After they had been sitting in the dark for about five minutes, Hansel remembered his mobile and dialled 000. The police arrested the lady and then the parents and Hansel and Gretel landed in a foster home.
The End.


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