Lacy Timeworth

Lacy Timeworth, the eight year old princess of the Air fairy clan sat on her front steps, wishing for adventure, dreaming about making a difference in the world.

She had brown hair, blue eyes and her wings looked like eagles.

Suddenly, the little fairy heard rustling in her forest.

Two deamons burst out of the dense protective forest vines and snatched her up.

“MUM HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled, but her mum Saria was too late.

"Here’s an adventure for me!" Lacy thought to herself.

The sack smelt of 100-year-old mouldy bones, but, while she was in there, she remembered her Gemstones.

"the ruby makes you see the truth, the sapphire lets you understand other languages, the opal can change you into other animals, and the topaz will make any poison or potion not work on you," her mother had said.

She held the sapphire and heard this: “We’ll give her the poison then while she is unconscious we’ll make her take the potion and make her one of us. Then we’ll make her attack her mother and make her steal the Gemstones. We will turn her back into her true form, tell her what she did and she will live in guilt!”

A plan formed in her mind and she fell in a deep, normal sleep.

When she woke up, she was in a pretty big room that smelt of must and she guessed it was underground. She was also chained to the wall by her ankles and wrists.

She saw the deamon coming with poison and she quickly held the Topaz as she drunk it and she pretended to faint.

She put her other hand on the Opal while she held the Topaz as she drunk the potion and changed into a deamon.

“Kill Saria and bring us the Gemstones,” the deamon said.

“Yes.” Lacy said.

So she ran. And she ran. When she got home, she was about to let go of her Opal when her mother cried the killing spell and she dropped dead and resumed her true shape.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Saria wailed, and she flew to the magic painting of her own mother, Liana.

She asked her: "Is there any way to bring back life?!?!"

Liana pulled out a treasure box. "This has been passed down in our generations. It has the most secret and special charms in it. Take it and save Lacy! "

"But how- "


Saria looked at the paper. It said: This charm must be performed in 5 minutes of the person’s death. Pick up a dead leaf. Pick up a green leaf. Say this: "Spirits of Earth, Water Ice and Fire, undo this curse, it was a liar!"

So she did. "Am I in time?” she said aloud. “I might never see her alive again.”


“Lacy!!!!!!!!!!” And at the same time they said: “I never thought I’d see your eyes again!"

And they lived in peace and happiness… until the Lagamega came along… But that’s another story!

The End.

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