Eagle Boy

The icy air rushed past my face as I, Foley, flew through the air straight towards the window ledge. “SMASH!” went the glass window as it broke into millions of pieces which were as sharp as a freshly sharpened sword.
“Halt and you shall see the light of this very morning!” I yelled after the bandit.

It all started when I was on an excursion. My class was walking around with a tour guide at the National Museum of Australia. As the tour guide spoke, all I heard was, “ciao, benvenuto al Museo Nazionale dell'Australia. qui abbiamo la torretta di…”
This was not my kind of thing, I mean, the stuff was awesome but the words were weird.
“Foley, Foley! Wake up and answer the guide!” Miss Law whispered sternly at me.
“Huh?” I called as I came back to reality.
“The question!” she was even angrier than before.
“Don’t worry Miss Law, I’ll answer it,” my best friend quickly jumped to my aid, “ottantanove pavimenti alti.”
“Pozzo – fatto,” the guide said.
“You understand her?” I asked quietly.
“She is speaking Italian, remember studying it?” he replied just as quietly.
“No wonder I don’t understand!”
“e qui abbiamo i pesci della Tasmania, che which gli years non è stata caught mai. But final il great captain, who we all…” that was more like it.

I caught a glimpse of something really big down the hall. As curious as I was, I dropped back in line and walked towards it.
Soon I realised something; that I wasn’t walking to it but was being drawn to it. My hair was blowing all around me as I stood before the machine. Then, as if by instinct, I reached towards it with my bare hands.
“WooooooooooOOOOOOOO!” it whirled and gagged, puffed and smoked sending flashing lights, cogs and springs everywhere. But that was nothing compared to the next thing that happen. It shot a purple beam at me. Then after that it stopped only to leave one more puff before it died.

I ran as fast as I could away from it leaving a perfect cheese sandwich to defend itself from hungry workers. When I was outside I noticed something; wherever I looked, it was as if I had binoculars and thermal goggles that were transparent. And if I needed to take a quick dash, I went at the speed of a bullet. What was going on around here? Then I saw a shadow dart across the ground as I looked up. An eagle was near by. Then it struck me, eagles could see heat with their very powerful eyesight. They also had to dart quickly for food. I had somehow acquired the skills of an eagle and so I decided I should use them well.

From that time I knew my destiny - to protect people from harm and evil. As the saying goes, “with great power, comes great responsibility.”
Now, back to the broken glass and the bandit….



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