Fairy Girls And Joker Boys

Once upon a time there were lots of fairies and there were lots of boy jokers. They all lived in Ameliag. In Ameliag there are hundreds of trees and lots of lake water. The lake water wasn't on the grass. They played on the grass every day and every night. But they didn't stay there to sleep on the grass. They went inside to sleep on bunk beds.

The girl fairy that was the fastest runner was Lauren. The second fastest runner was Cassidy. The best cartwheeler was Elana. The next fastest runner was Elana too.

Grace the caring fairy and Lauren the fastest fairy worked together to practice how to fly. They were young fairies and didn't know how to fly.

Isabella is a pretty fairy but she got rumbled by all the jokers. Isabella was OK, her eyes were still perfect and her body was beautiful.

The funniest boy joker was Joshua. The other funniest jokers were Nash and Jack and Nicholas.

The jokers practised jumping and they jumped into the basketball hoop. They were little and they didn't get stuck.

They were not young anymore, all the girls were 5 and the boys were 6. Now the fairies can fly and jokers can jump so high.


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