A Bad Dream

If I was to say to you that the world was going to end what would you do? Would you run and scream, ring all your friends and family and tell them how much you love them? Or would you just sit there staring at me in a shocked silence...no idea what to say or what to do? I can tell you what I did...I just sat there staring into the sky in complete wonder of the stars and space. I didn’t even notice when my grandmother said “the worlds going to end”. Then I saw it in the pitch black night sky. It looked like a massive fireball coming right for me. I didn’t even think, I didn’t even move. I mean there was no way I could run away from that. Then I heard someone scream, shattering the silence. My brain started to work again. I screamed as well and ran inside, looking for my grandmother. I needed to hear it, needed to be sure that it was what I thought it was. I searched and searched, but I couldn’t find her. She had just disappeared.
I turned on the TV and there was a very crazed news reporter on the screen, yelling into the camera. I turned up the volume and I knew it immediately. The world was going to end, today. I could no longer see the point of living. I just collapsed, crying. Thoughts whirling through my head like a cyclone. What was the point of everything I had accomplished, what the human race had accomplished? Was it all just for this moment?
I don’t know how much time had passed, but I decided I wasn’t going to watch the world end on my own. So I lifted my head just in time to see my grandmother leaving through the back door. Was she just going to leave me here? I tried to get up, but the ground started to shake. I couldn’t stay standing. The roof started to break apart and I screamed and screamed for someone to help me. Someone was calling my name. I could hear them. They were getting louder. How were they moving. I tried to yell out a warning but not even I could hear myself over the sound of the ground shaking below my feet. It sounded like they were right near my ear now. I turned my head looking for this mysterious person, but no one was there to be seen. My screams got louder as the roof fell....I jumped.
My Mum was there shaking me telling me it was ok. Was I dead? I had no idea. I looked around me. I was back in my room...surrounded by all the things I love and knew. I stopped and listened to what my Mum was saying....”it’s okay beautiful, it was just a bad dream”. Was that seriously all it was, a bad dream?