Rain comes from flowing rivers,
Rivers are on the earth.
How do water get up to the sky?
How?How? How, how, how?
Do you know how the water gets up?
Do you? Do you? Do you?
If you don't,you'd gotta ask me,
I've got the answer for everthing!
Here are the answers I've got for you:
The sun is the material that rises the water,
The Sun!The Sun!The Sun!
The sun melts the blue clear water,
And turns it into steam.
The steam rises up to the skies,
And makes bouncy and fluffy clouds.
When there is enough clouds to squish,
Then all the water falls.
It falls and falls and falls and falls,
Until it reaches the earth.
Then all the rain splishes and sploshes,
And fills the rivers again!