This story begins long ago in the year 1009, when it was told that there was hidden treasure in lost city of Russaka, in the country of India. For hundreds of years people mistakenly believed it would be easy to find, but they were wrong, everyone that went to find the treasure never returned.
Many years later a boy named Tom Bublenuck heard this story from his grandfather, who heard it from his grandfather. Actually for many generations this story had been passed on in the Bublenuck family. Toms father Maurice thought it was all a lie, but Tom through differently he believed the story was true but as he grew older he forgot it. Now in 2009, Tom was thirty; he had just lost his job, he had no money. Tom was all out of luck, or so he thought.
It was a cool spring morning; and the sun was shining brightly as Tom walked down the street. Suddenly the wind picked up and a branch hit Tom on the head. He suddenly remembered the story of the lost treasure. Without delay Tom ran to his grandfather’s house to ask about the treasure and the lost city of Russaka. His grandfather, John Maurice Bublenuck smiled wearily and opened a small silver chest he kept under his bed. He handed Tom a sheet of plain paper and a pair of oddly shaped green and red shaded glasses. His grandfather told him “put the glasses on before looking at the paper son”.
Tom immediately put the glasses on and the sheet came to life! It was the map to the lost treasure. His grandfather told him, “There is a magic mirror it will open on the 21st of October 2009. It only opens every 100 years”.
Tom had been waiting for a moment like this all his life, it would change the Bublenuck’s family history forever. It would be life changing. He packed his things and left to India the next day.
The first clue to the treasure read:
Shining star, oh shining star
How silvery and glittery my jewels are
Find the treasure deep down below
A place of worship you should go

The first clue took him to underwater caves, fountains and temples; it seemed impossible to find Russaka. But his hard work paid off, he found the lost city on the 21st of October under the ruins a cathedral. Dark narrow passages lead him down below; last clue read:

Pass your reflection you will see
The gate to the land of opportunity

The passages lead him to a dead end. Tom was so frustrated; he kicked the wall in front of him, which revealed the magic mirror. Tom reached out to the magic mirror – he fell through and landed on a mountain of lost gold and jewels.

I can’t tell you too much more… let’s just say Tom Bublenuck would never be sad again. He was happy spending the riches on his family and himself.
By Teresa Brades

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