Lady Storm's Legacy

It was a cold, stormy night. I watched the rain come falling down. I heard the distinct boom of thunder in the far-off distance. I felt a high, cold thrill whenever the lightning flashed in the dark sky. I smiled at the blossoming storm clouds; eager to run out into the cold air, to breathe the fresh, rainy scent, to watch the amazing force of Mother Nature play in the sky.
Suddenly, I was thrown off by a flash of white and a thunderous BOOM as the lightning struck a tree nearby. I stared at the smoking remains of the tree, shivering with fear, exhilaration and awe. How scary and deadly the storm is! My hands trembled, itching to wrench the garden door open so that I could run out into the night. But I knew I couldn’t, not with my guardian around. For now, I have to be satisfied with watching the power of the storm from my bedside window.
Such an amazing thing a storm is. The rain, once so kind to our plants, now lashed furiously against the rooftops. What started out as a shower, now it could easily flood our garden as I would drown a seedling with a watering can. What started out as a gentle breeze is now a raging torrents of gale, strong enough to rip a tree from its roots. I stared, spell-bind, at the black sky. Those little white fluffy clouds earlier today became great, black, undulating quilt, pressing down upon the atmosphere. Here and there, little flashed of light rapidly became lethal weapons of the storm. The thunders, so loud, followed the lightning faithfully. All in all, the small things that we familiar with became something of a force, a powerful force that could decide who will be the victim of the storm, what will be spared from its might, where to strike, who will be under its spell and whether to destroy, or save a part of a country.
I begged my guardian to let me out, unsatisfied with watching from my window. And then, I was free. I couldn’t describe the feeling if I wanted to. I felt like I wanted to fly among the black, heavy clouds. I never felt as free as I was now. I laughed with glee, and gave up my body to the might of the storm. Together, as one, we danced with furious yet gentle movements. I seemed to direct lightning bolts, and fly on the gales of wind. The rain kissed me from all sides. The storm invited me to spin wildly with it forever, and without hesitation, I accepted.
Now around my world, I’m famous. Forever to dance with storms, people knew wherever storms are, I will be there. They knew me as the one who can control the might, the power of storms. They called me many names, like Tornado, Hurricane, and so many others. But to a few, I am Lady Storm. This is my legacy, my story.

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