Netball Action!


The whistle had gone, it was the end of the third quarter and the Pink Galahs were losing by 3 points. It was a cold and wet morning at the netball courts just near Amy’s house and her Mum, Dad, twin sisters and friend Emily were there to cheer her on. She was so tired she just wanted to give up but she knew she couldn’t just give up on her team like that, they counted on her, she was determined to win!

Soon enough it was time to start the 4th quarter. It was now or never. For the last two quarters she had been playing GS. It had just started raining so the ball was getting slippery. Amelia passed the ball down the court and into the semi circle for Amy to catch. As soon as the ball touched her hands her opposition jumped forward and accidentally knocked Amy down. “Ouch” Amy cried as she hit the ground. The coach called time as Amy lay on the ground, her heart beating incredibly fast as she tried to sit up. Her wrist was aching and her knee stinging, which she had hurt badly.

She was pulled off to the side and her leg and arm were bandaged but who was going to play GS. All the subs were already on court, Amy couldn't let a fall stop their team from wining the game. She knew she had to do it. She slowly got up and limped back over to the goal circle. She was given a free and there was only a few more minutes left in the game and they were down by one point. She took her time, lined it up and thought to herself up and in, up and in. The rain was heavier and the ball was getting more slippery, she used all of her strength to lift the ball high up in the air and go down into the net, it had! Within seconds everyone was hugging her and congratulating her. She had done it. She was feeling so happy and so proud, even though her hands still throbbing and leg still aching.

She went off to her coach and got her hand and leg checked out which it turned out she had sprained, so she would have to let it rest for a couple of days. This was the worst news of the day for Amy, no more netball for a day. Her parents and sisters smiled and laughed. But then her opposition, Georgia came up and apologised to her for knocking her over. Amy knew it was an accident but she thought that that was so nice of her to do that. Then the whole team went back to Amy’s house for lunch. Amy always remembered that it didn’t matter if you win or lose and long as you had fun!