Back In Time

On Saturday my family and I were going to the forest on a tour. When it was Saturday I was jumping like mad.

I packed my bag, went to the car and we hit the road.

When we arrived at the forest it was all nice and calm.

I started to explore. After a while I saw something, something orange, something shiny, something that looked very much like a time machine.

I sat down on it. Soon I was in a place, a place as dry as the sun.

I was very thirsty.

“Water, I need water!” I yelled.

I roamed around looking for water.
I finally found a creek with water, green water.

“Oh, well it’s better than nothing,” I said.

I started to drink.

Suddenly a crocodile launched itself at me. I ducked just in time before falling into the creek.

The creek was very deep. I swam for my life.

Suddenly I was surrounded by crocodiles. I waited until they charged at me and I ducked. I felt a whack on the head then something like a needle scratching the side of my forehead.

“Agrrh!’’ I yelled in pain. It was sooooo, painful I just couldn’t stand it.

I swam as fast as I could to the shore before anything else bad happened. I was just about to reach the shore when something suck it’s teeth into me. It wasn’t a crocodile this time it was a piranha. I grabbed onto shore with one hand and a thick stick with the other.
I got my stick and whacked the piranha as hard as I could.

Finally it let go.

I got on to the shore and sat down. I was very tired. I had a great big cut on my foot. I had blood oozing out of my foot.

I was all green, because of the creek.

I walked on for an hour and rested for the night. I kept on waking up at night because of the pain the croc and the piranha had given me. In the morning, finally, it was time to set off exploring.

I walked for about two hours and then had a rest. I rested for about half an hour and set off once more.

I reached a forest.

Suddenly I was picked up by a Brachiosaurus. It must have thought I was a leaf. Well I was green right?

I kicked it and it let go. Suddenly I saw something orange, something shiny, something that looked very much like a time machine.

“YEY!!!” I yelled.

Suddenly I felt thumping. I turned around and saw a T.rex charging at us.

“No” I yelled. [I love animals.] The Brachiosaurus was smashed to the ground.

Just before the T.rex could take a bite out of the Brachiosaurus I threw a stick at the carnivore.

“GRRRR!!!!” It roared.

I leapt onto the time machine and waited.

“Where were you?” mum asked.

I’ve just been exploring.