Harrison Winters.

Once upon a time there was a man named Harrison Winters. His childhood is unknown and shall remain so since all we need to know about his life is the middle. The end is happily ever after and the beginning is simply once upon a time.
Harrison Winters was an influential man in his time. He was one of those men who knew all about those figures on the big board in Wall St.
He knew when to groan and when to cheer when the numbers flashed around, not that he ever did, he was more reserved then that.
Then one day, a black day that was in effect the beginning of all things, Harrison invested in a certain product a lot of money; things looked good for a few days until in a matter of hours it went down and down and down.
Harrison had put very nearly all his money into that company and when it crashed he lost nearly all his money. This changed Harrison from being from being a very rich influential man to being a wise nobody, because on Wall St anybody can go there and put there money on something, like in a gambling house, but no one cares about you unless you have enough money to potentially lose.
Well after this happened Harrison went home and had a long think,
‘Did he really want to start all over again and risk losing all he cared about again?’ It is a sad thing that this is what he thought but he really did only care about hard, cold, cash.
With the little money he had left Harrison went and brought himself a good meal of fish balls and beans then he called up his lawyer on a pay phone outside the restaurant and arranged with him to sell his house and his cars and with the proceeds to buy a second hand car and rent an apartment and the rest to send to his half sister in Hobart. After he did all that Harrison felt very happy and went for a walk in a near by park, the pigeons chirped and sang and the damp grass shined after the short shower that had fallen while Harrison was deciding what to do.
Soon Harrison’s phone rang, it was his lawyer. His lawyer told him his new address and where to go to get the key. He also told Harrison that he would send him the money to go get a second hand car in the morning.

As Harrison walked home that night he walked past a pet shop. In the window there was a sign. It read, ABANDONED CAT, TO GO FOR A GOOD HOME, INQUIRE WITHIN.
Harrison looked at the sign and smiled, he knew a good home that would do for that abandoned cat. As he walked in the shop a ray of sunshine broke through the dark cloud and smiled on the world……………………

And the rest my friend, is happily ever after.



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