A Big Adventure

By Nicholas Goodyer

When the boy woke up, he thought “it’s Monday, school day”. But when he opened his eyes he saw he was on another planet.

The boy, whose name was Secretly Rubbed Out (?????), saw aliens all around him, but then he saw chocolate banana cheese cakes, so he grabbed a few and threw one at each alien. ????? thought the aliens had given up, but all of that made them create a Sitnofex which spread water all around the room. The water made the Sitnofex grow and grow until it was even bigger than ?????.

Then ????? realised that there were chocolate banana cheese cakes that were floating, so he grabbed two and smudged them in the Sitnofex’s eyes, then swam away. But that Sitnofex is a fast swimmer and just as ????? reached the entrance, it jumped right over him and blocked the entrance so ????? couldn’t escape.

Before long the water cleared and the Sitnofex went back to its normal size, so ????? picked it up. But just as he did, the aliens came back and this time there was only one chocolate banana cheese cake left so he spun it in circles then ran out with the Sitnofex still in one hand.

Outside ????? could see the stars and planets, even Earth! ????? was hungry so he ate the remains of the chocolate banana cheesecake. But as he was eating it, the Sitnofex looked sad and hungry, so ????? shared some with the Sitnofex. Just then ????? saw a shooting star so he wished to go home and so he did. In the morning ????? went to school with the Sitnofex, prepared to share his adventures with his friends.

When he told them they said, “good story”. But then ????? said, “Oh yeh, then where did I get this from?” showing them the Sitnofex.


By Nicholas Goodyer, age 7, 1 Makim St, North Curl Curl NSW 2099, ph 0413182098. Nicholas is a Year 2 student at St Kieran’s Catholic School, 63 Gordon St, Manly Vale NSW 2093, ph no. (02)9949 3523


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