Mama, Cant You See Me?

Mama, don’t you see, don’t you feel me anymore? I feel as if you’re blind, you don’t see my shine anymore. Mama wont you listen, won’t you listen to my troubles? I feel as if you’ve lost your hearing, you can’t hear my velvet voice anymore. Mama, you’re slipping away, you can’t feel my silky hair. Mama, can’t you smell my rosy perfume anymore? You and Papa bought is special for me. Mama, why are you leaving, why are you going far away? I’m sorry, if it was me, I'll do anything. I’ll help you find your sight; I’ll help you smell again. I’ll teach you to sing, I’ll do anything for you, Mama. I’m sorry Mama, I’m sorry I let you down. Won’t you forgive me, just one last time? Mama, wont you say something, won’t you see my shine. I’d like to cry, but the pain throbs through my classy eyes. I’d like to sing, but my voice is rough, I’d love to shine but the sky is painted ugly colours. Mama, wont you see, see that I try hard? Mama can’t see anymore, she can’t hear, she can’t do anything anymore. She slipped away, in her sleep. The clouds, they brake, they let me shine, my voice is warm, I can sing. That must be my Mama up there. She sees me shine, she hears me sing, she smells my rosy smell, and she feels my silky hair. Mama, you can see me now, cant you?