Summer Vacation

“It’s the second door on your left,” Aunt May told her.
Kimberley turned around and began down the hallway.
Thank God that’s over.

This was not a good start to summer vacation. She was on a two-day trip with her parents to visit some relatives. Kimberley was not a fan of family trips. And that’s an understatement. This one in particular was going to be the worst ever. They were staying in an old, smelly house in the middle of nowhere. The nearest shopping centre was at least an hour’s drive away, which means she couldn’t even escape for some retail therapy when her whacky family members where driving her insane. They had arrived at 10 o’clock this morning and although they had only been here less than three hours, she was sick it. All of it. Especially her Aunt May.

Aunt May was one of the most annoying people Kimberley knew. The two of them had never gotten along and it was most definitely not a good idea to put them in a confined space together. Their personalities just clashed. There were no other words to describe it. Kimberley was a happy, bubbly girl who loved to voice her opinion. Aunt May wasn’t such a positive person. She saw the negatives in everything and wasn’t willing to view things any way but her own. Kimberley had had enough of it and seriously needed to get away from her, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Breathe in, breathe out.
It took all of Kimberley’s self control there was to stop her from screaming. She couldn’t believe her parents had made her come on this stupid trip. I mean, they were nev-

This couldn’t be right. This most certainly was not the bathroom. But Aunt May had said second door on the left. Wait… uh-oh, this was the third. She gulped loudly. She definitely wasn’t supposed to be seeing this. Bags and bags of money lay right in front of her eyes. She thought of all of the things she could buy with that money. The possibilities were endless.

Suddenly this trip was becoming a whole lot more interesting.

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