Needles were probably the worst things on the planet! In fact, if Charlie had the choice of cancer or needles, she’d pick the cancer.

Charlie opened her eyes as her alarm rung through the house. She slammed her hand on the alarm clock and realized what day it was today. It was Monday, and that meant it was the needles day. Charlie started to panic. This was bad, really bad.

But before Charlie knew it she was on her way to school, and her mother was driving her so she couldn’t run away.

By the time she had gotten her things and was sitting down in her first class she was ready to run home. A voice rang through the school via the P.A. system:
“Oh, thank God, my last name starts with a G,” thought Charlie.

But, after some of her classmates left, it dawned on Charlie. She was next. But the end of the class drew closer and the bell went. After getting her recess, Charlie met up with Imogen, her best friend.

“Wotcher?” Imogen asked as they sat down.
“Nothing really… Except that I’m terrified about the needles,” replied Charlie.
“Awww, don’t fret! It’s not that bad,” explained Imogen.

Emma, their fellow classmate, walked towards them.
“Hey, you gotta go get your needle,” said Emma.
“But we’re not meant to get our needles during recess!” exclaimed Charlie in a terrified voice.
“Aww, don’t make me go back there!” replied Emma.
Imogen shoved her towards classroom C.
“Just suck it up!” Imogen yelled as she grabbed Charlie’s arm instead. They both ran to classroom C.

“Nowww GO!” said Imogen.
Charlie had no other option. She was right in front of the classroom and the nurses had already seen her. She couldn’t hide in the toilets now. She couldn’t say that she already has cancer. Charlie slowly walked into the classroom.

Charlie was terrified; everywhere she looked there were needles.
“Oh…” was all she could say as a nurse approached her.
After clearing everything, Charlie got put into a chair.

“Now, could you please roll your sleeve back, sweetie?” said a nice nurse as she checked Charlie’s details.
“Okay then now, relax.” said the nurse. Charlie shouldn’t have looked down at the needle just about to go into her arm, because she felt sicker.
Charlie could feel the prick of the needle. She was so shocked she didn’t know it was over.
“Okay, that’s over. That wasn’t so bad, eh?” asked the nurse while she put a cotton ball on Charlies arm.
Charlie couldn’t say anything as she left the injection room.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it now?” asked Imogen as she bounced towards her.
Charlie couldn’t believe it was over!

Needles are the most overly apprehended things on the planet! In fact, if Charlie now had the choice of cancer or needles, she’d pick the needles.