K And I

I have a friend who we'll call K. She is as thin and rigid as a stick with dark hair and big brown eyes. My other friends include A, M and Iz who I've known for a while. So anyway, K's been my friend for the longest, I think. I've known Iz for ages but I wasn't friends with her at first. It all began the first day of Kindergarten.

Back then, I wasn't friends with any of the people mentioned above. Instead, I'd hang out with S, a friend of the family. During this year, S became friends with K some time when I was busy. You'd think we'd all become friends, right? Wrong.

K and I didn't like each other. I was a weird kid and she was just an annoying stranger to me. I can recall thinking that K was bossy and rude. S was constantly trying to seperate our fights, though I'm sure she was the one who started all of them. I may've complained once or twice about K to S and I'm sure the same applied to her as well. This all started changing during Year One.

Some how, it all changed when S drifted over to a large group of kids who later became the populars, leaving K and I alone. We were practically forced together by the mutual thought of finding another person to play with. K and I got to talking and it turned out that we had a lot in common. By the end of the year we were as thick as thieves, sitting together in class and playing chasey on the playground. We sat together at lunch and recess by ourselves, chatting on and on about the teachers and the new kids. In the years following, along came A, Iz and M.

One day, A's friends were acting childish in her opinion so she sat with us for the first time. Iz and I knew each other through after school care and her friends were also being weird. K, A, Iz and I were always friends with M so when she grew apart from her friends, we naturally let her in.

Now, we're all in Year 7, all in high school, and somehow, all in the same priory. K and I still sit together with M, A and Iz. We are all best friends and stick together. I still find it hard to believe that we all ended up together. In a week's time, we'll be going to camp, and just like last year, we hope to end up in one dorm. The only bad thing is that K's leaving after this year to another school. M has suggested that we write complaint letters to her parents about how unjust it is to send K to an all girls school and away from her friends. I don't think it'll work though. This year is all about enjoying our time with K before she goes, which I'm sure she is. The idea of K's absence hasn't quite formed coherently in my mind yet. I've decided that we'll enjoy the time we have instead of sulking.

Me and K.

K and I.



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