T33N Trouble

Hey, its me, Jamie. Wat up? Dats right, Im off to boarin skool. Or as I like to call it, borin skool. Im goin there wen term 2 finishes. Bit stupid really, I just finished fittin in 2 ma new skool, Barbley Primary, and now im movin AGAIN! My dad has dis job where he gets to move ‘round a lot, so annoyin. But ive got to meet new ppl, then I have 2 say ‘cya’ 2 dem after just meetin dem. So dis is ma short story of how I fitted in to St Charles Boardin Skool.

‘just try it plz!’ mrs fixwill cried, tryin to pull a shirt ova ma head ‘im sure u’ll like it’.
‘it itches’ I complained, ‘anyway, I’ll just go to dis skool 4 a term then we will have 2 move again, right?’
‘maybe. We will see wat ur dads boss says. Maybe he’ll let us stay 4 a while’.
‘not likely. U kno we haven’t stayed in 1 place more dan a year’
‘we’ll see’
Da new uniform I had 2 wear was brown shirt, blue tie, black pants and black combat boots. Da shirt was so itchy. Most kids would be like LOL, but ive realized dat dis is ma life.
‘c’mon, time 2 go, or u’ll be late!’ my mum stated. I groaned. Wateva was comin, I knew I could handle it, but it would take some time to get used 2.

When we got there, there were so many kids already there, talkin to friends, catchin up with ppl after a 2 week break ova easter. We weren’t sure where 2 go, so we went 2 da office.
‘yes?’ the office lady called to us.
‘hello’ my mum said kindly, ‘my son, James…’
‘Jamie’ I hissed.
‘well, his real name is james, but he likes 2 be called Jamie. Anyway, my son, James Fixwill, is startin here 2day, but we aren’t sure where 2 go’.
‘right’ said da lady, ‘my name is mrs kay. Im da person u come 2 if u feel sik or u r troubled’. She clicked on da computer. ‘right, James Fixwill is supposed 2 kno his way around’ she smiled.’1 moment plz.’ We w8ed 4 about 5 minutes, then a young girl came in.
‘jamie fixwill, meet charlotte holm. She will be showin u around da skool 2day’ mrs kay announced.
Charlotte and I shook hands. Through all ma nervousness, I couldn’t help thinkin dat she was very pretty. I said farewell 2 ma mum, and charlotte and I left.

‘right’ charlotte said, ‘I’m supposed to show u round. Well, there r 4 main buildings. Da a, b, c and d blocks.’ She pointed dem out. ‘simple enough. C’mon, I’ll introduce u 2 ma friends.’ She began 2 walk 2 a small group of kids near da tennis court. I followed.
‘every1!’ she called. Every1 stopped talkin, turned and listened. ‘dis is…’
‘jamie fixwill’ I filled in. charlotte smiled.
‘dis is jamie fixwill every1. jamie, dis is caroline’ caroline smiled and waved. ‘dis is jackson’ Jackson seemed intimidatin, but turned out 2 be xtremely nice. He and I shook hands. ‘and last but not least, sarah’ charlotte concluded. Sarah wore a big smile and hugged her welcome.
‘thx every1’ I said awkwardly. Suddenly, da bell rang through da grounds.
‘well better grab some good seats at da back of da hall’ jackson said, ‘ u kno mr symsom always has superly borin speeches at da start of da term’. Every1 got up, and began walkin 2wards da biggest buildin in da grounds. Jamie followed, feelin as though dis time, he might just fit in better dan he thought was possible…