I Absolutely HATE Dancing

I absolutely HATE Dancing!!

“OH! Keep with the rhythm Gabby!”
“I’m trying Coach but I just can’t dance that fast!”
Welcome to the story of my life. Mum and Dad seem to think that I love to dance but it looks like they like it more than me. The truth is that I really hate dancing and anything to do with dance. They’re always telling their friends that I’m the best dancer in the class and that I’m now getting private coaching. All I think they’re doing is boasting or bragging just to annoy me.

“Mum, can I tell you something?”
“Sure Gabby, you can tell me anything you should know that by now.”
“Yes, I know that Mum, but it is something really important and I don’t know how you will react.”
“Gabby you’re avoiding the subject by hesitating to tell me!”
“Ok Mum, here I go but if I hurt your feelings please tell me because I don’t really mean it.”
“Ok, ok. I don’t want to do dancing any more.” I said really fast.
“Why not Gabby? Is it something that your father or I have said or done?”
“Well yes and no. I ‘m sick and tired of you and dad always telling everyone that I’m the best dancer in the class, and I never ever liked dancing in the first place. It is the worst sport that I have ever heard of. I also don’t understand why you think I need a private coach.”

I ran into my room once I had told Mum what I thought about dancing. She was really upset. It didn’t look like we would be best friends anytime soon. I decided that I would have to make it up to Mum by participating in the concert that was in 1 month’s time. This meant that I would have to work even harder in class and when I have my private lessons. But I would do it for Mum and Dad one more time. All I will be doing is practicing, doing homework and then practicing again.

With one week to go I was practicing harder than ever. I also worked a lot harder in class.

Finally the day of the concert arrived. I was pumped. I hoped Mum and Dad would be proud like they are at the end of all the other concerts I had done.

I was so nervous that I could have screamed. The curtain opened very slowly (even slower than usual). As I started dancing it felt like I belonged on that stage and decided that I would not be quitting because dancing was something I wanted to do I just hadn’t realised it yet. I gave that dance my all. Our coach (who is the coach of all the other groups) said that our dance was the best dance of the night. We were so proud of ourselves.

By Alishia Rouget from 7:28