I Had A Dream... Once

I had a dream... Once
It was happy and free in my life and I had lifelong gaols, but that was all cut short, thanks to someone in my neighbourhood, their face still haunts me now.
“Three, I win” yelled my little sister Mandy, I smiled and got up”Dinners ready” my mum yelled from the kitchen. Dinner was tortellini with long noodles, chicken, and mushroom, my favourite. I ran to the dining room mandy followed, it was sitting on the table ready, and waiting for us. As usual mandy was the clown at the table, after dinner I got to stay up late “Time for bed Diana” Mum told me, so I got up and went up stairs, in my room, then on my bed and I fell asleep.
I got up early just like every other school day, I did the things an average kid would do like the essentials in the morning, after that I went down stairs and grabbed my dad’s toast, like I always did and mum always made him one extra, I heaved my bag over my shoulder and skipped out the front door and started my way to school.
“Dee!!!” yelled Tammy my best friend as she ran toward me and gave me a hug, as she did every day, then I saw him, my crush, he walked right over to me, I had butterflies in my stomach, my heart was pounding in my chest, I couldn’t breathe properly.”Hi I’m Jake, um, would you like to go on a date, at the mall tomorrow?” he asked with his dreamy voice, ”Yes, um, how about 12 o’clock “ I replied sheepishly, “That’s perfect, so I guess I’ll see you there” He answered and turned away, I caught the bit where he was excited and was jumping up and down I guess he had a crush on me back “See you at lunch” Tammy giggled as she walked to class.
“Bye, see you on Monday” Tammy yelled as she got in her mum’s car, I started walking home, I was humming to myself when something interrupted me “I’m sorry let me introduce myself, I’m George Sammer from across the street” He said politely, “And I’m Diana King” I replied “Hey, you want to see this really cool thing?” He asked “No, I’ve gotta get home soon” I replied “Oh, well that’s a shame, all the kids will be really excited about it” He claimed “Really, well I guess one look won’t hurt” I agreed “Follow me” He told me, I oboed.
Five minutes had past and we were deep in the forest, “Are we there yet?” I asked “Yes we are” He replied “Well where is it?” I asked “There was never anything” he told me, I gasped and turned to run but he stopped me, I tried to break free from his grasp, I kicked him in the shin and he let go, or so I thought. I looked back and saw that I was lying on the ground, bleeding, dead.
My name is Diana King and I was 13 when I was murdered, on the 14th of June 2006. I had a life once but that was taken from me, now I morn my loss of everything I had or I was going to have. My name is Diana King and I was 13 when I was murdered.

By Cara Gannon