Fairy Madness

“Tom, your cousin is here!” Mum yelled from downstairs. Tom groaned and walked downstairs. Every year Tom’s cousin Kate comes over for the holidays and every year she wants to do something new with Tom. As always Kate shows perfect manners to up-show Tom. Tom hates it when she comes over!
“So, what do you want to do today, Kate?” Tom sighed. He was so sick of Kate. Kate on the other hand was enjoying herself. “I’ve got an idea why don’t you build a tree house in the woods?” Kate said giggling Always a baby thought Tom. “Okay then you get the supplies and I’ll build it. Why don’t we build it where the fairies are?” Tom laughed sarcastically. Kate on the other hand thought it was a great idea.
Tom and Kate spent hours building the house but as they went things went missing. By the time they were finished half of their tools were missing. They couldn’t work out what was happening. It was nightfall by the time they were about to leave, when a clink a pot fall down. Tom signalled for Kate to get a jar and hide behind the bench. Tom could see a shadow and was about to jump for it when Kate scooped it up in the jar. When they looked inside the jar there was nothing inside it so they went to open it when a little creature appeared out of nowhere and started bounding around the place. It had what looked like a little man but instead of wearing clothes it wore leaves with a cap and it was as big as Tom’s pinkie. Tom was speechless but he asked “What are you?” knowing that the creature couldn’t talk. To add to Kate and Tom’s amazement the little man answered “My name is Bython and I belong to the Teahos. The only active rebel fairies sense the Linxs have taken over, and you two are coming with me.” He starts running off into the dark. Tom and Kate were frozen in shock but they followed Bython.
When they stopped they were at a hollow tree. They could see all of the other fairies but Tom couldn’t believe it; he didn’t believe in magical creatures. Kate was always happy but right now she was scared and wanted to go home. Pytholon and Markus are the leaders of the Teahos; Pytholon once was the Queen of the Linxs until her father became obsessed with power she ran away from the Linxs. Tom and Kate are in charge of drawing battle plans to attack the Linx’s. Tom whispered to Kate on the day of the attack “We will have to get out of here soon, I don’t like the way they stare that us.” The plan was perfectly executed. When Tom and Kate were about to leave Bython cried “There do you think you two are going? You are staying here forever I forgot two tell you. Your going to help us forever.”


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