Dane & Ned's Antarctic Adventure

One Saturday morning Dane’s mum said to Dane and Ned, “We’re taking
you to Antarctica. “Wow!” said Dane. “We’re leaving in an hour, so that will give you time to pack.” Dane asked, “Do we pack our swimmers?” Mum replied “no, unless you want to get a cold”.

When they were finished the time was 9:45. “Oh no! We have to get moving. Its fifteen minutes before our flight takes off”. They hopped in the car and sped out of the garage. They walked through the automatic doors then they checked in and showed the man their passport. And then they went down the runway and into the plane. It was the best plane because it had a TV on the back of each seat. They put a DVD on and it was Star Wars.

When it was finished Ned looked down. He said to Dane. “Dane, look down there. That iceberg is covered with penguins.” “Your right,” replied Dane. They said to their parents “look at the penguins down below”. “Wow!” said their parents. The plane landed and they stepped off the plane and onto the cold icy ground. They zipped up their Polar Parkas and off they went. They asked a guy for directions for the Polar Hotel and the guy said “straight ahead for another four kilometres then turn left.” “Thank you,” said Ned and Dane.

They started on their long journey. Ned fell into a seal’s porthole!! Dane pulled him up onto the icy floor. “Pass me a towel, please Dane”, he shivered. Dane tossed a towel to Ned. Ned started to get up but then he stopped halfway when he heard a ROAR. He looked behind him and saw a polar bear! He got up and told everybody to sprint for there lives. They all finally outran the polar bear and made it safely to the Polar Hotel.

They asked the owner if they could borrow a Husky sledge. The man said “yes, only if you take care of it.” The boys replied “we promise we will take care of it.” “Done”, he said. “I will give it to you boys only for a day. Off you go”. Dane and Ned were trying to get to sleep but it was no use. In the morning they got the Husky sledge and off they went. They climbed up hills and went down rocky surfaces. Then out of no where came a blizzard. Dane and Ned went straight into it then they stopped and waited till about midday until it stopped.

They made their way back to the Polar Hotel. Then they told their parents all about the blizzard. “Clever boys” said their parents. “Now we’re going to the airport.” When they got to the airport they hopped onto the plane and made their journey home (where there is no snow or blizzards!) Dane asked his parents, “can we go to Antarctica again?” “Sure”, said his parents, “and we will take Ned with us.” “Yeah!”