I Got Caught

Now I’ve done it. I’ve murdered an innocent man. Soon the police will find the lifeless body under a blanket, on the couch.
As I run, I feel guilty, but somehow happy. I know, I know, I’m a sick person. When I get into my house, I feel dread race down my body.
“Slam!’’ As I shut the door. I walk over to the couch, half-sleeping as I lie down. And that’s when I had the vision: I was walking down the beach. Bondi Beach to be exact. I take a step into the freezing water, and cruel memories come into my head. I shake all over, then I walk into the sunset, and fade away......
“Ring, ring!” The phone rings.
Suddenly, I woke up, having no idea how I fell asleep. I answer the phone.
“ Who is it?” I ask nervously.
“It’s Kelly, the voice said.” ‘there’s been an accident.’
“What happened?’’ I asked, thinking of last night.
“Robert’s in the hospital. ‘He’s had a car accident,’ the voice explained.

I was about to answer, when I heard a knock on the door. I hang up straight away then look through the peep hole. It’s the police. I try desperately to hide, but as I hide under the bed my foot gets caught in the curtains. I can’t get it out. As I try, the police appear out of nowhere.
“Your under arrest, for murder,” the chief says.
Oh no. I really did get caught!