I Got Caught

Wree ahh wree ah! I was never giving up. Cops, swat everywhere. Boom boom! There where explosions, fireballs everywhere. I was driving swiftly through traffic. Cops kept on yelling ‘stop and you won’t go to jail’ but I wasn’t falling for that. Not after what I’ve done. I wasn’t keeping track on the road crash
Earlier that day I had been walking towards the bank knowing if I do it I will walk away with millions or cuffs. I was wearing a dark black suit and a black suit case as I opened as I opened the door and yelled ‘ everybody down now ‘ I walked up to the safe and started shooting the safe I was melting the lock with a lighter. I slipped through, filling up the suitcase with cash. Cops were in the area. I could hear the siren ringing and ringing.
I jumped out of the bank and jumped into the car and drove off. The cops were behind me i stomped on the gas so hard I nearly broke my foot. I kept on driving there was fire everywhere. I saw cops coming from all directions; I couldn’t see the road crash i crashed into the wall. I stepped out there where cops everywhere. I knew I was busted. They put me into cuffs and I was in the cop car. It drove on. I slipped my hand to the door. I flew out the door and onto the road.
The end?