I Got Caught

Ah! What a lovely morning. I think it’s a great day for a nice long walk along the bottom of the ocean. I throw back my seaweed quilt and sit up sleepily. I walk over to my mirror (a piece of shiny glass I found) and sit down in front of it. I carefully wash my face. I have a nice breakfast and head out the door. I close the door of my kelp house, the top of it swaying as the tide moves up above. I turn the key in the lock and off I go.
As I get further and further away, I realise I never walked along or swam above this spot before. I start to freak. My body trembles, my teeth clatter and I agree with myself that I should swim up and get home as soon as I can.
I think about and tell myself this is how my parents got lost 3 years ago. They haven’t been found yet.
I swim up towards the surface, telling myself that I will be alright, when really I’m horrified.

Every thing goes black. I can’t see. I’m trapped. Help! I scream. But there is no answer.

I start to move, getting faster and faster. I feel like I’m on a water slide. I’ve never been on one before, but I’m sure this is what it feels like. I scream until I stop.
I look around and hear a swishing noise. I look around and a river of flowing water coming towards me catches my eye. It’s coming straight towards me. Closer and closer it comes picking it up with me.
I head straight for a tiny hole and zoom through along with the water.
I fly out the hole with all the water and look down below and realised where I came from. I had travelled through a whale, how funny. Even funnier, I landed with thud outside my own house and guess what a year has past and my parents have been found and alive. We’re a happy family again.
Massie the fish