A Birthday Party And A Dog

I sniffed hopefully at the floor beneath the table, looking for any scraps that anyone might have dropped. It was my owner, Jess’s, birthday party, and she and her guests were eating lunch.
No one offered me anything, so I went to find Jess’s mother. I padded down the hallway and through the door into the kitchen. She was putting candles on the birthday cake she had made that morning. It smelt wonderful. I gave a small bark, offering to sample it. But she just laughed and said, “No, you’ve already had a biscuit today.”
What did that have to do with it?
“Come on,” she said, walking towards the door, “Let’s go see what those girls are up to.”
As Jess’s mother carried the birthday cake into the dinning room, everyone cheered. She put the cake on the table and lit the candles. Everyone sang and I howled. Then Jess blew the candles out and cut the cake.
“Don’t forget to make a wish!” cried one of Jess’s friends.
“Don’t worry, I did,” Jess replied. I know what I’d wish for: a big slice of cake to eat!
When the cake was cut, every-one got a slice. Everyone except me. I was a part of this party wasn’t I? Was I?
I tried to ignore the delicious smell coming from the table. Then they went into the living room to play games. I watched them dance to music, occasionally stopping mid-step when it paused. Then I fell asleep and dreamt of cake.

I awoke to a cheer from Jess and her friends. Curiosity got the better of me and I poked my nose through the crowd. Jess was ripping the paper off one of the presents. Something in it smelled yum. I pawed at Jess and she laughed.
“Something good in there?” she asked me. The paper revealed a box of chocolates. She offered everyone one except me.
After all the presents were opened, they went outside to hit the piñata, what-ever that was. Jess’s mother locked me in the house for no reason I could think of. I watched from the window as everyone had a go at waking a newspaper ball with a sick. The point of this was unclear to me, until Jess hit the ball so hard it broke and lollies fell out. If only I had been outside…

Soon everyone started going home. When they were all gone, Jess helped her mother clean up. She picked up a plate with cake still on it and my mouth watered. I tagged along beside Jess as she went into the kitchen.
“Whoops!” she said as the plate tilted side-ways and the cake slid off, landing with a plop on the kitchen tiles.
“Do you want to help clean that up?” Jess asked me with a wink. She’d done it on purpose for me! My tail wagged full speed and I grinned up Jess. She chuckled and said, “Go on, it’s all for you.”
And I did.


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