You might think that fairies have disgustingly pretty dresses made out of delicate flower petals, fluttery wings, and a wand, but that is in fairytales. This is in real life. Fairies are normal people, living in normal houses and working at normal jobs. You think that it is as easy as running a worldwide search for them, then saying,
"There we go, hard work's done, we’ve got the fairy."
If you think so, you are out of your mind. Fairies are not at all easy to catch. They look perfectly like humans, except the fact that they talk with a lisp. Now you know why they cannot be caught.Now, i suppose you are still wondering how they turn into fairies. Well, that is easy, they use their awfully smelling pink powder and sprinkle it over them then as you would imagine, they turn smaller and smaller and finally they are miniature ants. If they want to turn back into "humans" then they sprinkle that powder again, and they turn back.

Talking about that, one thing that just came to mind was when I was five and I met one of those horrible creatures, I know, I know what you are thinking, but it was true. I swear. I remembered very clearly, my mum saying,
"Kylie darling, go out and play, it’s a good day today and you don't want to spoil this good opportunity."
So i did, and this thing came to me.
"Hello," it said in a soft silvery voice that sounded rather like a twig snapping in half,"What are you?"
I noticed that she talked with a lisp and was petrified and dumbfounded, as i turned around, my heart in my throat.
It was scary,so do not blame me.If you were me, wouldn't you be scared?
"I see, you are scared, do not worry, i will not hurt you." It snarled.
Then it came.It came.
I studied it for quite a long time and i realised gradually, that it was a rather scrabby looking fairy.Fragile but bent, dirty wings stuck to the fairy's back and she held a satchet of dust in her hand.Her hair was tied back in a loose ponytail,with a crumpled rose petal.Blue eyes and a flat nose appeared on her oval face. I really thought i was dreaming and if i really did see a fairy, i would not have expected this.
"What are you looking at filthy creature?" she snapped, glaring at my face,"I thought you knew that it was rude!"
I did not dare to answer back, not even to say "Yes".I just stood there like i was paralised.
"You won't talk? well i will make you!"
She then sprinkled that powder in her satchet on top of her.I thought, how could that help her? She is very tiny, so how can she do any effect on me? Well, i was foolish and dumb and i found out that i was underestimated.
She grew bigger and bigger until she was as tall as my mum. As soon as i saw this i pinched my eyes and murmured to myself that i was dreaming,but i was not.Just to the rescue, my mum called out
" Tea time!"
I did not answer.Instead i ran as fast as my humble legs could carry me and finally i crashed in through the back door.

"Mum, i saw a fairy, a huge one, it-"
I panted heavily, "It-"
"Darling, enough of stories, tell me after tea time, ok?"
"But mum,-"
"Darling, did you hear what i just said?" she said with a grin.
I looked out the window, but the fairy was gone! So now, i always keep a watchout for another of those fairies.


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