Dared To Discovery

My heart pounded as I walked briskly up the cracked path to the old vacant house. Why had I decided to come up here anyway? Just for a dare?

I followed the worn pathway which lead around the house to the back yard. A rusty gate swung loosely in the wind. My friends and I had come up here plenty of times, why did it seem so spooky now?

I ducked through the loose wire into the neglected backyard. The overgrown hedges hung limp, despite the forceful wind, and the long grass crunched under my shoes like gravel.

"All I have to do now is to climb through a window and take the golden key which hangs from the hook next to the fire place" I said to myself "Then give it to my friends. Then they will know I am not terrorized by this place"

I clambered through the unkempt native bushes, and entered through the densely covered archway to the deserted house.

The broken window was large and I easily slid through it. Inside it was dark, cold and quiet. I rummaged through my backpack and clicked on my torch.

Every wall of the room was clothed heavily with aged photographs, paintings and elegant tapestry works.

I walked into the next room
and saw the key hanging by the fireplace. I grasped the key tightly then made a start for the window.

On the moonlit floor I caught sight of a gap in the floor boards. Instantly I crouched down and prised them open with my fingers.

I looked down into the black empty space, then suddenly I felt myself falling down further and further away. The key slipped from my fingers and disappeared into the darkness.

I landed with a bump. Then I opened my eyes, to discover myself sprawled on the floor next to my bed, clutching my pillow.


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