Vampire Attack!

“Look out!” “Uh ah” called Sarah. “Look Sarah said Tayla. “Eric!” “What’s up girls?” “Go away Eric” yelled Tayla. “Go away, go away!” “What’s next?” “See ya Vamps ,ah ah ah” said Eric. “Let’s go home Sarah,” said Tayla. “What happened” asked Sarah “Is this Vampville?” asked Tayla,

“Eric did it!” Ring, ring, ring, ring. “Hello?” “How are you vamps?” “You’re too late vamps, I just blasted Vampville! Giving up?” asked Eric. “No way Eric” replied Tayla. “See ya later vamps”.
“We’re going to Vampire city Sarah, I mean it,” responded Tayla “What? Come on Tayla, it’s crazy.” “We’re going Sarah.”

“I’m hungry.” “Come on Sarah,” relied Tayla. “Wait, let’s go behind the bush. Come on!” said Tayla. “Look human Sarah.” “Be quiet!” “Come on, run Sarah!” “Look Tayla, that is Vampire city!” Ring, ring, ring, ring “Giving up vamps?” “No Eric” said Tayla, “stop making us try to give up Eric. We are going to the Dark Meadows Eric” said Sarah “You’re not going to get far vamps!” “Yes we will.”
“You will be sorry vamps, ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhh!” said Eric.

“Dark Meadows, you can’t be serious Sarah?” “Please, come on Tayla?” “Okay” said Tayla. “Let’s go” said Sarah. Thump, thump, thump, thump, ………… “Look … the Dark Meadows Tayla, ready?” “I’m ready” said Tayla. Thump, thump, thump “I’m scared Tayla” Sarah said. “Look, Eric’s lair Sarah” said Tayla. “Come on” said Tayla. “Hello!” Blast, blast, blast. “Go behind Sarah!” “What are we going to do Tayla? asked Sarah “Blood blast, Go!” BOOM! “We did it , YES!”


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