Kate And Ella

One day there lived a girl named Ella and a gril named Kate. They lived in a small town named Kittytown. They named it that because a lot of cats lived in the town. One day Ella went for a run but did not tell her Mum. Kate woke up and went for a run too. When Ella got back from her run she went to see Kate but she was not there.
"Where is she?" said Ella. Ella went back to bed but then Kate got back and saw Ella. She went to get some food. Ella woke up and saw Kate. They looked at each other. Ella said "Where were you?"
"I went for a run" said Kate. "But I went for a run" said Ella. Then their Mum came in and saw the girls. She said "Who went for a run?" "I did" said the girls.

Mum said to them "Don't go for runs until I am up" The girls said "sorry Mum". Their mum gave them a hug and said "come on breakfast time".

The girls had breakfast and went to play. They lived happily ever after.

The End



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