E = Extreme Disaster²

It was a cold night and I had to make conversation.

‘What do you think?’ I said

‘What do you mean, what do you…’ said Gregg

‘It doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you later. ’I said

‘Fine!’ said Gregg

‘Shush! He could’ve heard you, plus who cares?’

Someone walked passed me and Gregg.

‘Wait, who’s he?’

‘The principal, derrr!’

‘Why are we hiding from the principle?’


The silence between the two boys frightened them, for they were hiding in their lockers.

It was 12pm, pretty late for a bunch of 12 year olds. It was getting very cold, and they thought they were going to die if no one said something.

‘Well…’, they both said at the same time.

‘Come on’, I said. ‘I’m going to cry if we wait any longer.’

‘Same here!’ murmured Gregg through his locker.

‘Did you lock yours?’ I said

‘Um… yes.’ Replied Gregg.

‘(sigh) you did too. I mean, you did?! ’

Two hours later, 2am.
St. Jacobs Primary School, USA

‘How did you lock yours in the first place?’ ‘I don’t …’ Gregg stopped in mid-sentence.

They heard a beeping noise, then red hot fire raced out of behind the corner and filled the corridor. ‘It’s getting hot,’ said Gregg as impact hit us like a bomb. Then a big flame that went passed us speeding, and the lockers melted. Now I was desperate to get fresh air so I charged out at the door. The door lock broke at the wrong time and I went flying head first into the ground. I was knocked out cold.

4 Hours, 50 minutes later, 6.50pm
St. Jacob’s Primary School, USA

I finally woke up noticing a bomb as big as a submarine and my friend slapping me. I got up started sprinting well because I was hungry, when someone grabbed me and pulled me to well… I’m not sure if it was to safety or to danger. The man had a gun. This I did not like and I got scared, wriggled free and ran away back down the hall noticing the submarine looking object showing one second left on the dial. My skin started burning, and boom!! Everything went yellow with streams of red… I woke up in my bed safe.

Later that day I told Gregg about my dream. ‘Hmmm that’s weird, I had almost the same dream,’ said Gregg.

To be continued…