I sit there on the cliff,staring down my next victim. I am a noble and valient creature. I am a falcon. Talons razor sharp, Beak as lean as can be and feathers dotted and brown. On top of the bluemountains I waited patiently for a hare or smaller bird of some sort to settle my need for food.

Hours past with no sign of food, It was getting dark and a cold breeze chills me to my bones. Then I hear something, the smell of fresh pumping blood makes me starve even more. I scan the ground to see where the noise is comming from then I see the bushes rustling, a head emerges. It was a skrawny hare, enough to be table scraps.

"It will have to do" I said to myself as I Swooped down screeching my terrible voice. With a small whine of pain from the hare I flew back up to my porch with my win held tightly in my cold sharp grip.Tender hare meat sliding down my throat feeding my hunger. When I was finished with this small serving i threw the carcass
over the cliff.

On the cold rocks of the blue mountains, Still hungry I sat and watched for again another sign of victory. A tussle of leaves starts the short life of another creatures end.