I know what you are looking at. That’s right, all those websites. All those secrets aren’t safe from me. Although it does not stop there, all those passwords you so thoughtlessly saved to the least secure place on Earth. I memorised them. I can take all that money you earned over the past years in a few seconds. But I won’t, because I’m a nice guy. They call me DrAG0nF8, remember me? Sorry about the whole blue screen on your computer. It was an accident!

The fact that I’m a hacker is beside the point. Today is the day I turn my life around; I’ve decided that helping people with my skills is a far better cause than taking whatever I want and whenever I want it. You may ask yourself ‘why would I decide to do good over getting everything I ever wanted?’ Well, it’s a simple matter of satisfaction. Taking things from others just doesn’t float my boat anymore; I want to try to give as well. There’s also quite the story behind this change of heart.

It all began on the 23rd of March 2009 at 20:56. I was hacking into an insignificant ‘no-name’ Union bank because I needed a new program which will be the future of ‘speed hacking’, or so it was rumoured on the Hacker forums. You see, the first firewall was easy, as expected from a low profit bank. However, this particular bank had a second firewall, a firewall that no cut-rate bank could afford. There could only be one way this organisation could afford such a firewall. It was a custom made wall. “Probably an employee that is good at scripting,” I thought to myself, “very good at scripting, this is going to be fun.” I went straight for the wall. Attacking the wall with my arms first, disarming the protocols that warned the user of such an attack. However as soon as I made contact with the complex wall, the wall attacked back. Even so, I managed to corrupt the protocol enough to corrupt it. “No more lifelines for you,” I said as I laughed at my interface.

Even so, now that the wall was aware of my intrusion, it was writhing like a giant Python strangling its prey. This was strange as firewalls are usually only defensive and are only rarely offensive as well. This firewall seemed to be evenly balanced in both, a masterpiece. I charged again. This time I sent a decoy before attacking. It was no use. It didn’t take a genius to figure out I was got going to be able to breach this magnum opus. It was impossible. “I’ll just find a different bank,” I reassured myself. However, after leaving the vicinity of the firewall, I had given up hacking. The masterpiece that was the firewall would be like a tattoo, scaring my brain forever.

After this I concluded that if such magnificence could be found in something created for good, maybe I could try.


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