Ocean Waters

The ocean waters, shifting by, so gently, so calmly.
Shifting past my feet, through sand, so soft between my toes.
The breezes swishing through my hair, my hair so long, so free.
The humming sounds of waves. Waves so soft, so quiet.
Clouds of white, so fluffy, so heavenly, with golden rays upon my face.
The chirping birds, the humming winds, all alone,
But then it’s silent. The world has stopped. Everything is moving so slowly, so quietly. Not even a soft melody in my mind. All is quiet.
The ocean is glowing. The sky is red.
The birds are singing to me again, the waves begin to move again.
A rainbow appears from heavenly skies.
The blue of skies fades, so slowly
All is drifting away from me.
The melody quietly fading, the sun has hidden from me.
There is nothing more to hear, nothing more to see
All disappears. Slowly, slowly, slowly…Gone.