Laeth's Diary

Tuesday 21st

Woke up today went to the toilet. Dad was hung-over yesterday nobody had cleaned it, it sucked. No other toilet in the house. When I was at school my dad came, he acted like a chicken in front of my teacher and principal

Wednesday 22nd

Dad woke me up this morning with a bucket of water. I was late for school I got a beating. It hurt. When he left my room I went back to bed.

Thursday 23rd

It struck me today! I think my dad’s gone crazy. I didn’t see him all day.

Friday 24th

I went down stairs there was a gorilla reading the news paper and drinking tea well I think it was tea anyway.

Saturday 25th

Dad ate my pen today so I need to use this stupid red one. Today I got beat again
This time I don't know why though cant sit down it hurts so much. Today he was wearing a suit and tie to go to work then I remembered he doesn't have a job I don’ t know how we make any money. I heard a smashing noise I went out side of my room a plate went zooming into the wall! Dads throwing plates and cups I had to get out of there before I got a plate in the face. I ran to the park and thought it was boring and left and came back home.

Sunday 26th

Didn’t do much today made my bed did the dishes dad washed all my clothes today even though they were all clean so I had no clothes to wear so I was wearing a towel all day!

Monday 27th

Can’t feel my legs today dad went on his plate killing spree again about ten hit this time all in the legs they are all cut up and bruised dads a freaking psycho I don’t want to live here but I have to Mum disappeared when I was nine months old I figured she is in jail or something like dad said she is a criminal master mind I don’t believe him though.

Tuesday 28th

I decided today that this diary thing is really girly so this is my last entry. Today I thought about Mum and what happened to her. Dad went crazy again he ate my home work like a dog when I got home from school. I'm sure I'll get detention for a week I didn’t do anything else so that's it. I have now written a week of my diary.

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