Family Adventure

The sewerage treatment plant was a great place to live near because it smelt beautiful. It was full of tall trees and there was a mud bath at the very bottom of the kingdom. Everyone went there on very hot summer’s days. By the way, I’m Helen your story teller and mother of 4 children Abby, Storm, Ian and Olivia. My husband is Will.
Peacefully and happily I went to sleep hanging upside down last night. All of a sudden ‘neewm’ went something. In the morning it sounded loud and scary. I flew to the next branch neighbour and asked what was going on. “We don’t know,” said Pippa and Jane. Then I saw a chainsaw and a wrecking ball crashing into one tree and then another. I couldn’t believe it with my own eyes until I saw it for myself. Everyone was horrified. There was only one thing you could see and that was a mass of bats flying into each other. I had to try and fly out of here. I could hardly feel my claws because they where numb from falling out of the tree and hitting them on the ground.
I only had Will, Olivia and Ian to help me through this. I had to find new friends and a new home. We tried New York but we all couldn’t stand Ella the opera singing bat. We tried Sydney but all the other bats were hogging the trees but we all wanted to stay there because my sister lived there. We packed our bags and set off to Darwin and there we met four adult bats named Fifi, Mimi, Anna and Jack and four little bats named Kathleen, Kelly-Anne, Sara and Jake. We wanted to go back to our destroyed home. We finally found a new home in Lissner Park with our friends. We found nectar and fruit. The bats we met can go to school together. It had gum, oak and scratch bark trees. We feel like we’re in heaven.
We were sleeping upside down when Mimi, Fifi and Anna all felt something donk on their heads; it had made them fall out of the tree. I was very scared that they had died but I saw a car and my friends in the middle of the road. I thought they were about to get run over by the transportation.
On Sunday in beautiful Lissner Park everything was quiet and peaceful until secret agent Lavender told me that they were going to do a show on live Bativision about my life in Lissner Park. Lavender took me to Batiwood for the shoot. By the time I had finished we were movie stars. Will became a star in Batiwood’s Top Bat. Pippa became a star in 7pm Project for Bats. Olivia stars in a family comedy Home and Bat Away. Now we feel like we’re in heaven. Hey, hey!

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