A Basketball Adventure

A Basketball Adventure

Run, one step, half step, SWISH!
The ball flew through the net.
Yes! We were leading 75-73.

It was the final quarter nearing the Grand Final. The last five seconds were approaching. I grabbed the ball, without thinking, and jumped. It was chaos on the court. I let go of the ball and sprawled in an awkward position, letting the other team steal the ball and run to their side of the court and win.
I hoped they'd slip, but the tallest player shot a perfect shot from the three-point line, leading them to victory. I groaned.

"Alright everyone, team meeting!",the coach yelled.
"Listen up. WE are going to the Grand Final and we played well. Well done. Are you alright Claire?”, he asked.
I answered, "Yeah I'm fine, but I think I sprained my ankle. I don't think I'll make it to the Grand Final." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", the coach screamed.
After the game was over, the team yelled, " Claire how could you make us lose?!? And you say you can't make it to the Grand Final"
"Sorry", I cried, "I hurt my ankle, OKAY!!!"
"Fine, but you have to make us win in the Grand Final.", the team said.
I gulped and opened my mouth to say something, but they'd already left, so I left too. When I got home, I wrote a sad entry in my diary.

The next day Mum took me to see Dr.Lyn. "You will be fine", she said. But I wasn't fine. "You can go to the Grand Final, but extra breaks. Understand?", said Dr.Lyn. "Yes", I mumbled.
Soon it was Grand Final Day. I was prepared for a day of action.
When I arrived, the team welcomed me back, but Jade asked, "You said you couldn't make it."
" I'll just have to take more breaks," I said. "Take it easy", said Jade.
I wasn't taking it easy. I took as many breaks as the team did.
Rosie just shot a goal. The score was: 84-82.
Jade passed the ball to me.
Fiercely, the other team charged towards me.
Sweating, I jumped and threw the ball at the ring.
A player from the other team tried to block the shot, but he just pushed the ball in the hoop, to cause a perfect three-point shot!

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! The buzzer echoed through the stadium.
"HORRAY!!", our team yelled.
"YES!!!", the coach sang as he danced around.
We did win!!!
"It's school tomorrow and the class has a match. How will they handle it I wonder?!?", I asked. We all laughed.
"Who's up for ice-cream?", I asked. "ME!!" , the team answered.
So we all went for a good afternoon after a big basketball filled week.

By Petra Suric


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