Taken By A Hot Air Balloon

“George George! Time for breakfast”
“Good morning mother. “Hey dad”
“George …. You know how your mum and I have to go to work today”
“Um year”….worried George
“We are just a bit worried leaving you alone are you sure you don’t want to go to your friend’s house?”
“Please mum please I am old enough aren’t I “cried
“Fine but when I come home I don’t want the place to be a dump understand “
“Yes mummy”
“Lunch is in the fridge. Heat it up in the microwave for two minutes” said
Mum with a calm face “be careful son” dad mumbles George’s parents lift
“I’M HOME ALONE NANANANANANANA” George dances around the room with joy he turns up the music as loud as it can go

After 20minutes the music turns of and George starts walking to the fridge and reaches for the door bring bring “hello George speaking” “hey George its your mum have you heated up you lunch yet” “funny story I was just about to open the fridge when you rang” “ok well ill leave you to I remember 2minutes “yes mum bye “

Beep Beep Beep “dinner s in the microwave TV time

Two hours later George’s parents arrive home “mum mum mum can we please go to the hot air balloon museum across the road” “ well year ,year id like that”

George gave the lady $10 and the lady said,
"Just one hour then we close ok.”
After half an hour mum yelled out George time to go then all you see is a hot air balloon floating up in the air George was in it every body is yelling jump jump George jumped an broke his arm. The museum was closed down and the doctor said George can take his cast off in 2 years.


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