K.C.’s Adventure

Once upon a time there lived an alien and her name was K.C. K.C. was a very, very nice alien. One morning, on Earth, she couldn’t smell the water from Earth. “Oh No!” she said “I have to do something!” So she jumped into her Alien ship and off to Earth but before she went K.C. had to fill her alien ship up with water. When she finally got there, the water was gone but it didn’t stop K.C. She put a purple pipe on her alien ship and started to turn it on. It filled the Earth up with water. Then everybody started to shout “K.C. did it again, she saved the WORLD!” Then K.C. took off and she went to bed because she was exhausted. The next day K.C. could smell the sea water. K.C. smiled. Then K.C. thought of taking her goldfish to the Earth so they could grow up and also she wanted them to find their Mum and Dad because they were born there. And they all lived happily ever after.