Ocena creatures of my dreams

In the night creatures of the sea surround my bed.
They make circling, rippling waves in the shallows of head.
The bed rocks violently as the sea creatures laugh,
And here I am stuck in the swelling ocean of my heart.
The day has gone, has passed, has died.
My day feelings float bottled in the labyrinth of the mind.
And dreams are meant to be escape...
Be spared the notion of time, reality and space
But they offer no such comfort here. The ocean is no fortress in this case.
It is my life and all its scheming currents I must finally face.
I create my own tsunamis, as my body twists and cannot rest,
And the waves of disrupting violence add to a nights test.
The creatures lunge and pull their bodies in dangerous elegance
The come towards me wanting, needing, unable to rest.
Yes, in the night stalk creatures of the sea,
But how can I hate something so wanting, something so me?