Germany War!

It was 1953 when the war in Germany started. We didn't have anywhere to go except for board a boat and sail out to Australia. I looked around and seen some people swimming around in the ocean helplessly. All i thought to do is jump over board and save them but Mother wouldn't let me go. Among all the other sailors i was the only one keen to jump over board. When they weren't looking and i jumped and started swimming for dear life. I had to be careful of the Sharks down below in the deep. I finally got to them and brought them back to the boat. I got back before Mother found out i was even gone. We sailed on for about 5 more days among all the sea sickness and other sickening things. We finally got to Australia and we settled in just fine and got a house and started our schooling. The war over seas is still happening, so we don't go over anymore.In the end we ended up living a happy and Wishful life

The End By Mikayla Williams

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