Xx....The Falling Of The End....xx

HeHearts beat softly, as the night grows older. With each breath, they fall, falling endlessly, with both minds running strong, thinking of one another. Their hearts starting to beat in tune, as though they are one. He lays there wondering, she lays there breathing. He lays in the darkness, she lays in the brightness. Each one reflecting their personalities. As they start to fall asleep, they fall further, further into the night. As hearts begin to beat faster, with every sentence, word, letter, breath. They grow fonder of each other. Is it....? Is this real or fake? What is it? Doubts beginning to flood his mind, but he is not paying attention to them. Her positivity making as a smile grows on his face. His negativity fading with the strength of the smile, as it grows stronger. All his lost hopes, dreams, faith all begin to flood. Is it a good thing, that this is all happening? They both begin to wish they were lying next to each other, to fall asleep cuddling. As innocent as innocent can be. To become one at heart beating, to share one common dream & to become one strain of hope. For him, it starts to confuse but she begins to doubt. They both don’t want the hurt again. The hurt love can bring. As he starts to assure her that he will catch her when she falls, to be there through the hardest parts of life. Hearts begin to beat louder, in tune. Could this be the start of the beginning of the end? Or will it continue to grow stronger & make a positive relationship? These thoughts begin to haunt but the mood is still high with happiness & to what could possibly be love. The mood drives them to become closer & closer with every sentence, word, & letter & even breathe. They enjoy each other’s company, & hearing that the other is still pulling out strong. They start to fall into a deeper sleep, until............. they have completely fallen asleep. Both knowing the other is fine & has fallen to a peaceful slumber.


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