Salina was the most beautiful one out of all her friends. So all of them used to get jealous of her all the time. She had one most trusted friend called Linda, with whom she always hangs around. They used to do everything together and never hide anything from each others; she always shared all her dreams, desires and thoughts with her.
They both finished school, and it was time for them to split up and find their own jobs. Linda had to go somewhere far away from Salina, so she used to miss her, and she never stopped sending her letters and receiving notes from her, and all they could write was remembering the good times they had together back in the past.
But one day something went wrong, Linda received a very sad letter from Salina saying that she is so depressed and stressed, because her parents were forcing her to get married to a guy that she doesn’t even Love. Linda thought she could go and help her friend. Once she reached there she saw Salina all washed up by the tears coming down from her eyes. She tried to make her stop crying and make her feel better.
Two days later was Salina’s wedding, she was feeling alright smiling and happy with everyone. Her mum thought it was all done so her daughter could get married. Salina helped all the people finish all the works they were doing on that day for her wedding.
Sunday morning all her friends got ready and she dressed up beautifully to go with her groom. She told Linda she wasn’t feeling good she never hide anything from her; Linda thought it was really bad to let her friend go away like, but she couldn’t think of nothing that time. The whole day was like the best thing ever for her groom, because he loved her more than he loved his life. He was so confused because she had been acting weird the whole week. They returned home at midnight. Salina said that she wasn’t feeling good so she had to sleep alone that night she gave her husband a bad respond when he asked her what happened, she left the room without answering the question that he asked.
Her parents were really happy that night they were talking about what had happened that day, but then their daughter’s husband came to talk to them about the problem with his wife. Her Mother ignored everything he was saying, because she knew that Salina was forced to get married to him, but he didn’t know that, there was silence in that room for a while, but a loud scream came from Salina’s room that minute.
Everyone went rushing to know what happened there they found Salina’s dead body lying on the floor and her friend crying. After that her parents knew that they were the problem for their daughter’s death. She committed suicide and that was the end of her sorrow and Life.


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